Cities For All

This international design ideas competition—the first in the CBDX series—asked, What does a city for all look like? How does it operate and function? How can it come into being? What place, structure, thing, system, process, or relationship must be forged to engender a more just and equitable ‘city for all’? And in particular—this is perhaps the most crucial question—the competition asked, How are these aims navigated by, through, and with the current uncertainty wrought by the ongoing global pandemic and the long-term existential threats of environmental degradation and climate change?

The Winners

Beating out 142 other submissions, the Jury has selected 3 entries as the Winners of the CBDX: CITIES FOR ALL International Design Ideas Competition: 2050 Lagos: Amphibious City, Process Not Product, and Brewing Flower Power: An Ice Teaporium Celebrating Women’s Rights.

2050 Lagos Amphibious City
Gi Chul Choe, Joanne Li

“2050 Lagos: Amphibious City” envisions a new Lagoon City along the interior coastline of Victoria Island that ensures equitable housing and food security for both displaced and existing populations under climate change and the pandemic. 

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Brewing Flower Power
Diana Guo, Joanne Li, Tian Wei Li

Recalling the geometries of the first tearooms run by women, such as the Willow Tea Room in the U.K. and the condiments that accompany tea beverages (ice and sugar cubes), our cubic pavilion is a Winter Teaporium celebrating the important role of tearooms in advancing women’s rights and the feminist claim to public space since the 1800s.

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Process not Product
Mattie Wong

What would a design school for higher education look like if our history was properly faced and future possibilities embraced without fear? This project delves into these questions while proposing a campus that responds to and meets the needs of the community in the Anacostia neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

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We brought together some of the most respected and creative talent in the design field to serve as Jurors in our inaugural competition.

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Honorable Mentions

The Jury had the difficult task to select just three winners amongst many strong submissions. However, fifteen entries were selected as Honorable Mentions for their design rigor, careful attention to the competition brief, and their innovative ideas. Here are some of them:

Migrating Biodome_Arctic Fresh Foods Kit

Weaving Grounds


[Ex]traction Earth: The New Frontier

The New Inclusivity

Urban Plug-In



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The CBDX Series—including this competition—is made possible through the generosity of Stantec, a global design and delivery firm.

This competition is presented and hosted by the University of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape (SAPL), organized in part by the Center for Civilization (CFC), and executed in partnership with the Calgary Hub of the Global Shapers Community and Advocates for Equitable Design Education (AEDE).