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A Rabit Hole in Urban Village

Zhao Yuanye, Cheng Gangrui
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Urban village is a unique phenomenon in the process of urbanization in China. Parents are engaged in high-intensity work,  left-behind children, as a neglected group, do not have a good growth environment. Children in urban villages, far from hometown, as young immigration, live in poor sanitation and crowded conditions.We designed a children's activity center, which is a rabbit hole for left-behind children, where their learning environment is improved, their safety is guaranteed, and their suppressed interests and hobbies can be released, which is a children's paradise.

Left-behind children refer to school-age children and teenagers who are entrusted by their parents or other relatives to stay in their hometown for more than three consecutive months by rural migrant workers and are subject to compulsory education.


1.Multifunctional box

Customize boxes with different functions according to the needs of children of different ages

2.Three-dimensional composite 

Vertical superposition of different functional units which is implanted into open space of urban villages.

3.Interaction with original buildings

The children's center will be connected to the existing building vertically and horizontally through different floors, so that residents in the urban villages can reach it more easily.

Immigrants, isolation