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Drive-In Ampitheater

Taehyun Lee
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Drive-in amphitheater in Post Corona era
As the coronavirus spreads around the world in 2020, the concept of space is changing. In particular, humans are isolated in their own private spaces and are socially distant. What new space should we provide to isolated humans? In the post-corona era, drive-in systems using cars as personal spaces have been effective in many areas. Prior to Corona, drive-through was used to allow to order coffee or food without getting out of the car, but now it is used as a way to maintain safe social distancing. This is a proposal for a culture and art space where you can enjoy using cars as personal spaces in the world where social distancing has become a daily life. This proposal intends to provide an equal private space to individuals so that everyone can enjoy culture and art even in the Post Corona era.

New Private Space = CAR
The space of the car can accommodate several people, and car space is becoming more spacious and comfortable. Cars are good way to have your own individual space anywhere in this time when you are social distancing because you can block it from the outside environment. Moreover, at the present time when autonomous driving is being developed, the comfort of car's space is becoming important. It seems that the day when we will meet the interior of a car on the same level as an indoor room is not far away.

Change of Theatre
In many theaters, seats arranged in a row are kept at the same distance, while viewing the stage in front of them. The drive-in amphitheater, created by applying the modern drive-in system to the amphitheater in the history, achieves the social distancing of the audience through the means of car. In this way, you can enjoy various performances while preventing contact with others in the car.

Two Types of Design
The drive-in amphitheater can be made into two types, 'park' and 'tower' type, and has a common circulation system. The park type is a spiral circulation system, and several modules are gathered horizontally to experience various cultural performance programs. In the tower type, modules are stacked vertically, allowing selective movement. These two types of drive-in amphitheater can apply various cultural performance programs that citizens need to various places such as parks and unused spaces along the Han River in Seoul.

Covid19, Isolation
South Korea