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Revolving Era House Road

Xiaojie You, Jianrong Zhang, Shubin Zheng, Ningjie Yu, Qiaoling Huang
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Under the background of COVID-19 and global aging as well as the impact of environment and climate, people's life patterns and health are being challenged. Our team choose to renovate the greenway around West Lake connecting the West Lake Park and the Zuohai Park. Due to the epidemic, the elderly has to be isolated at home and their social needs have become much stronger. Taking the characteristic architecture of Fujian Tulou as the design inspiration, the circular shape evolves as a geometric element to create the "time house". With the elderly as the main group to be served, streets with traditional Chinese characteristics are designed for people of different ages to gather and communicate here. The leisure and entertainment are inclusive. At the same time, we have set up double-layer barriers in some individual buildings to prevent and control the disease by identifying the number of people in the individual buildings. As the number of people increases, the barrier rotates to control the size of the door. When the number of people in the individual buildings exceeds a certain number, the outermost barrier will rotate until it is closed.

The design mainly includes five functions of traditional shop, tea room, leisure bar, shared kitchen and planting garden. Traditional shops provide places for people to make and teach traditional handicrafts, such as paper-cut for window decoration, antique and Peking Opera. Old craftsmen can teach the young, so the problem of craftsmanship inheritance can be solved. Young people can experience the process of making traditional handicrafts independently according to their own interests. In this process, the distance between the elderly and the young is narrowed. The shared kitchen provides a place for the elderly and young people to cook together and make desserts. The young people living outside can taste the food from their hometowns. The empty-nesters can make delicious dishes here and meet many young friends, which can enhance their relationship and solve the problem of being unaccompanied. The planting garden is a place where people can choose a piece of land and grow their favorite plants (such as vegetables which can be provided to the shared kitchen), increasing people's participation. The leisure bar and tea room is a buffer zone connecting the streets of West Lake and Zuohai park, which provide a place for people to relax, chat and their distance with each other is narrowed.

Senior living, social housing, sustainability