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Urban Plug-In

Yuan Sun
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The design is located in Baishizhou village in Shenzhen, China, where is similar to a urban slum. And the site is within a block of the whole neighborhood. 

Most of the residents are migrant workers coming from remote areas of China. They choose to realize their ideal of life in Shenzhen, even though they are engaged in work with a daily salary of only average $10.Therefore, their living environment is very cramped, especially in the case of epidemic prevention and control, which is tantamount to living in prison.However, they should not be ignored and abandoned because of poverty.

I hope that this design can change the living conditions of the disadvantaged groups at the bottom of the society in Baishizhou village. By changing the space and social life, they can get spiritual comfort.

The concept of urban plug-in is introduced to deal with the on and off status under the background of global epidemic. The biggest advantage of the design is its strong replicability, so it is suitable for different blocks.Also the height, density and external interface of the building could be controlled by adjusting the number of unit modules.

The design adopts modular prefabricated unit construction, and the residential unit is 3 meters square. The residents can choose the unit combination module independently through community consultation to meet the residential needs of different groups and families. 

In the case of confirmed infection cases, it can be used as a temporary isolation point for surroundings to receive suspected infected persons from other buildings in the block.So the unit type room should be convenient for personal isolation

During the non-emergency period, it is a community complex with activities such as living, socializing and eating. It is equipped with multiple spaces such as shared kitchen, smart farm and roof garden. It also forms the communication of sight, materials and social communication with the surrounding houses, and becomes an active "energy pumping station" in the villages in the city.

In addition, it has a set of self-supporting mechanism, including the whole process of external energy input, energy conversion and transmission, and energy consumption. It has the ability to quickly respond to emergencies in a short time, and ensures the adaptability of residents with special conditions in urban villages under extreme conditions. 

immigrants, social housing