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Process not Product

Mattie Wong
What would a design school for higher education look like if our history was properly faced and future possibilities embraced without fear? This project delves into these questions while proposing a campus that responds to and meets the needs of the community in the Anacostia neighborhood in Washington, D.C.
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Brewing Flower Power

Diana Guo, Joanne Li, Tian Wei Li
Recalling the geometries of the first tearooms run by women, such as the Willow Tea Room in the U.K. and the condiments that accompany tea beverages (ice and sugar cubes), our cubic pavilion is a Winter Teaporium celebrating the important role of tearooms in advancing women’s rights and the feminist claim to public space since the 1800s.
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2050 Lagos Amphibious City

Gi Chul Choe, Joanne Li
“2050 Lagos: Amphibious City” envisions a new Lagoon City along the interior coastline of Victoria Island that ensures equitable housing and food security for both displaced and existing populations under climate change and the pandemic. 
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